Hi, I'm Fergus

Fergus came to the sanctuary in 2015. He was originally rescued by West Wales Poundies. He had come from the pound as an unclaimed stray at just 6 months old. West Wales Poundies then found him space at a rescue centre. Fergus then got himself into trouble and attacked one of the kennel staff. He faced being put to sleep the next day unless West Wales Poundies took him back. Which they did with an agreement that he could come here once space could be made for him in a few weeks.

Fergus was initially very challenging and extremely destructive. Constantly stealing things for attention and threatening to bite my feet on many occasions!.

This is what happens when you do all the wrong things with a puppy! What seems cute and funny when they are little is not so funny when they are fully grown!

He is maturing into a very lovely non-biting boy now though!.

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NATWEST, SORT:51-61-06, A/C: 73991015. You can also send payments to [email protected]via paypal.

Helping us to help them!

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Thank you x

In memory of Fiona.

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